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Prophetic Scribes is an outreach that began in South Africa by Prophetic Scribe Vanto Vanto to all churches. This is about activation of Prophetic Scribes throughout Africa. During their activation they do Prophetic Book Review of a few of his books. Central to these books is a message of Father Son relationship that has to be re-instituted back to all walks of life beginning in church.

Prophetic Scribes
Prophetic Scribes are the watchmen and women who will stand at the door for doctrinal thiefs not to enter.

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 Honor Your Dream! It is difficult to honor what you do not know. Though I have asked my sons and daughters several times to honor their dream; they have done very little in this area. You see your Dream will not show up until you lay down a red carpet of honor for it. Honor your dream even if you do not know it. If you do so your dream will make itself known to you. Your Dream is very much alive actually more alive than you. Your dream has been there long before you were there. 


Passover fathers is a book that investigates the responsibilities given to fathers at every beginning of the year. Their main responsibility is to tell a passover story to their sons. Around this story centers the rebirth of sonship which was a covenant between God and Abraham.  The investigation looks at how the sons of the nation turned in one day to become slaves and how they changed back hundred of years later to be sons in one day.


This conference has dealt with the Lordship of Jesus that is hidden in His Sonship.
We have dealt at length on the sonship of Jesus to His Heavenly Father and just a bit about His Sonship to his earthly father.

Towards the end of this conference we have shown that the Sonship of Jesus is the Wisdom of God. All angels and principalities have been exposed to the Lordship of Jesus.

The Sonship of The Lord is the greatest of all mysteries.